UGrabCam: Unix Webcam Archive Tool

After looking for a Unix tool that would archive webcams I gave up. None of them did what I wanted. I wanted to beable to archive the images, create thumbnails, and view them via my web browser. What I came up with is UGrabCam.

Below you can view an example of what UGrabCam can do. I run this script out of my crontab and it creates all the html pages, thumbnails, and zipfiles on the fly.

If you don't see an image you need to get Netscape 4.x or better
[ Click on the image above to view the Example Archive ]

Required to get UGrabCam to work

If you have a question about UGrabCam please send me E-mail. I would like to know if anyone is using this besides me.

My Personal Webcam

If your really bored you can see if I am online. What else is one to going to do with an SGI o2 camera...

[ Started Dec. 2 1998 ]

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